Monday, September 27, 2010

Just one fix.

I have several hours of helmet cam clips to sort through from this latest Whistler trip. Optimistically, it'll be sometime this winter before I have a chance to do that.

But I'd like to share a little stoke, as the cool kids say, while the prime riding season is still upon us.

Below is one of our favorite runs in the bike park: Dirt Merchant to Lower A-Line to the biker cross course. Five-ish minutes of pumping and carving, shucking and jiving, preloading, tweaking, and absorbing, with just the right ratio of step-ups to berms to step-downs. But never enough tables!

While the entirety of our Whistler experience was umpteen times more diverse than this (or any) video can show, it is a good sampling of the two-wheeled hedonism we experienced up there. Pretty much non-stop unadulterated fun.

Consider yourself stoked!


1 comment:

  1. thank you.

    related matter- how often did you otb in the process of building the skill set to manage that type of riding? Looks like once you 'get it', it's a breeze. Getting there however- what's that like? mike