Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whizzler XC.

Two packed days of riding in the Whizzler Bike Park took a toll on us with sore hands and ankles (and for me, ribs), so today we parked the park bikes and went for a mellow (<-in a relative sense!) XC ride on the north side of the valley.

Trails ridden were River Runs Through It, Cut Yer Bars, Roll Yer Bones, Emerald Forest, and a buncha 'social trails' betwixt. At home we have relatively easy access to off-road opportunities around the perimeter of the valley, but nothing close to this. We were out 4+ hours today and I'll bet our farthest point from the condo was less than 2 miles. The trails serpentine tightly through the woods, often closely approaching backyards, golf courses, grocery stores, cemeteries, etc..., so that while it might have taken you over 2 hours to reach a certain point, a quick exit and connection via the Valley Trail (paved bike path) gets you home quick in the event of bonk, rain, locusts, etc...

Great, great stuff.

With a little luck, the next post here will have some video from within and amongst the Whizzler Bike Park. So stinkin' much fun in there it ought to be illegal. In the US, this kind of thing actually *does* seem to be illegal.

Shame, that.


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  1. Good stuff, MC. Keep it coming.

    I was cracking up, esp. when he switched to your bike and still didn't make it.