Monday, November 22, 2010

Bittersweet. Kinda.

We've had a bit of weather, as the saying goes, over the past week. In short, we've gone from shorts-and-sleeves riding under the delicious yellow glow of fading foliage, to, suddenly (or so it always seems) riding bundled while engulfed in blizzards. Or maybe it was closer to flurries but the skies *were* pretty thick...;)

However it happened, fall got blown out the door last weekend and the weatherwench seems convinced that winter is here to stay.

Honestly, I'm a bit relieved. Our riding season is so long that it'd take a herculean constitution to be able to ride with any sort of vigor start to finish. I rode *hard* from about February 1st til today, with no significant breaks in there. The big trip across AK in March bled (with no real recovery) into the luscious local spring which became the alpine summer of bikefishing and bikepacking which bled into two weeks on the road to BC and just when we got back from that the weather cooled off and we headed down into fall--the best time of the year to ride! Phew. Used to be I'd be hitting my stride and pining for more right about now, but that was back when I worked a lot less and had nothing better to do with my time...;)

The combination of the endless summer, strong riding partners and no shortage of them, and some of the most incredible riding in the world scattered within a few hours' drive means that it's hard to say no to a ride. Roundabout now some downtime sounds *incredible*, as I can't remember the last time I rode without aching legs nor woke without sore knees, ankles, or feet.

I know, I know--woe is me.

I spent an hour this morning compiling these 'moving stills' as flurries tumbled lazily down outside. If nothing else, today marks the end of our dry dirt riding season and, as such, the pics I'm sharing commemorate the last ride with the bulk of those folks for several months. Although a scant few of us ride right through the winter, some head to the hills to ski, some ride indoors on trainers (<-eff that!), some curl up with a hot toddy and a book, some snowshoe or run (<-eff that, too!) others just vanish entirely. Maybe they hibernate? Wixom?!!? Weirath!?!!

At any rate, I wanted to say an honest thanks to all of you for sharing your time, energy, and passion for riding. Riding can be and often is fun solo, but when the mood strikes it's always nice to have good company to share the trails with.

Time to relax, chill out, enjoy some downtime. Or, depending on the weather, maybe not?!

Either way, see all y'all in the spring!



  1. "thanks for sharing your time, energy, and passion for riding" - no, thank you, as always, great photography, storytelling and passion.