Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ahhhh... solstice.

Jabroni and I managed to meet atop the Mesa for a fat-tire ride. Our timing coincided with a nano-break in the nuclear storm that has enveloped the mountain since Friday. Feet of snow have piled up in the last few days, with feet more expected.

Normally, that wouldn't be a great setup for a snow ride. But I noticed (courtesy of snotels in close proximity to where I like to ride) that it had been consistently warm throughout the storm event, and the snow had a very, very high moisture content. Translation? Warm, wet snow packs really, really well. So we lucked out with a ~firm trail to ride, stunning (in their own way) views to savor, and the whole place to ourselves.

Unwilling to break up the flow of the ride, I shot from the hip with my P&S. Good enough, for now.

The weatherwench says this storm is due to break sometime on Thursday. I'm doing my best to get caught up on work between now and then, so that I can head up there to photogeek good and proper.

Ahem--I mean so that I can go for a ski with Fang. And maybe take some pics along the way...

To those that can't wait for spring, take heart--the days are getting longer. To those, like me, that are enjoying the heck outta what presents itself daily--carry on.

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  1. I love your last lines of wisdom! Enjoy your winter Mike. I look forward to your words and images.