Friday, July 29, 2011


A few days ago, while paddling the Death Canal with Greg, he accused me of '...Resting on my Yakutat laurels...' with respect to updating this space.

I couldn't be sure I'd heard him correctly--his mumblings often get lost in the depths of his leaky boat as it sloooshes down the waterways.

If that is indeed what he said, he's way off the mark. I have NOT been resting--there's just far too much to be done, and not nearly enough time to do it. For me, summertime life becomes an exercise in managing sleep deprivation while putting out the most important fires as they flare up. Triage, in a word. Sleep can happen, but probably won't, sometime this fall.

In reality, he was probably talking about defoliating Mongolian poodles. Again.

Here's a hint at how I've spent a few days out of this month.

If you consider yourself a mountain biker, and if you haven't ridden a bike park in the last year, you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why not. Aside from the thrill-a-minute nature of the riding that is evolving within these parks, it is so easy, so fast, and yes, so fun to up your skill level in the span of a few hours. Need to learn to get comfy with speed? Check. Wanna learn to boost smooth airs to tranny? Double check. Have a hankerin' to get your chunk mojo on, or a compulsion to slay some berms? Check, check, check.

I realize that bike parks aren't everywhere, and getting to one might take some doing. It certainly takes commitment and time for us to spend any time there, but that time is ALWAYS enjoyed, and I consider it an investment of sorts--in my skills, my safety (the rest of the year, due to skills acquired) but mostly in my sanity. A day in the park shrink-wraps a permagrin onto my face for the next week+. If only I could get there more often...

Special thanks to Skippy and LaLa for the continued grins and giggles each day out. Braaap!

Anyhoo, enjoy, and thanks for checkin' in.