Friday, August 5, 2011


On the Lost Coast trip (both the original and the southern section) Dylan and Eric relied to some extent on a loose derivative of cookie dough to 'keep their sugars up' every day.

After kyping a hit of each of theirs, I could see why. Calorically dense, easy to get down, and fzackin' tasty! I'm ~36 hours from leaving for a bikerafting trip out on the AK Peninsula and I knew I needed something similar to get me through. A quick trip to the groovy hippy grocery store yielded the withwhich to get started.

I ended up using roughly:
1lb of chocolate chips
2 sticks of butter, softened but not liquid.
20oz of peanut butter
1lb of brown sugar
5 cups of oats

No eggs, no flour.

Mix together in an enormous vat. Sprinkle in more of each to reach desired consistency.

Keep two large spoons on hand during the process: One for mixing, the other for swatting the SO when she gets a snootful, then follows her nose across the room and tries to climb in.

Yield: ~4.5lbs of crack.

Serves one.

L to me, after seeing and tasting it: "You're gonna get pancreatitis out there!"

Me to L: "That's the least of my concerns!"

More later...