Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whistler 2011.

Every time I sit down here to try to type up an intro for a bike park video, I get a little verklempt.

I'm an XC geek--always have been. Covering ground comes naturally, being in the air does not.

So how can I talk with any semblance of understanding about park riding?

Because I've been doing it for a few years now. And you can learn more in one day in a bike park than most folks do in a year of non-park riding. No kidding.

It isn't about machismo or hubris, though you'll find some there if you're looking for it.

It isn't about hucking or chucking, but those opportunities exist too.

You don't have to skid down the fall line using your cheeks as a braking device. But you can.

Bike parks these days have at least a little of something for everyone--except climbing. You can get that anywhere!

To me they're about laughing. And learning. And doing unbelievable amounts of the latter with heaps of the former as a byproduct.

Take the hardest trail you've ever heard of and break it down into it's component parts: This drop to that hip to those berms.

First lap it's inconceivable. Next lap you nail the hip but blow the drop and berms. Stop. Breathe. Visualize. Next lap you dead sailor all of them, BUT YOU MAKE IT. And once you've done it once, it's like a switch is flipped--confidence and understanding come pouring in. By the end of the day you've lapped that trail 15 times, courtesy of the lift, and smoothed it top-to-bottom clean twice.

And just 8 hours before it was the hardest trail you'd ever heard of...

Skippy, Stevie and I managed to ride ~8 days in the Whistler Bike Park through every kind of fall weather imaginable.

The vid was shot on a Contour 1080HD, GoPro Hero HD, Canon SX230IS, and Canon 7d with 8mm UWA.

Thanks to Skippy for sharing bunches of his POV and for shooting some great handheld too.

We all rode LenzSport PBJ park bikes with wheels and our own preferred mess of componentry.

Skippy = white bike, black helmet, always wearing a pack.
Stevie = white bike, white/red helmet, no pack.
Mike = red bike, no pack.

Details on my bike here:​29er-bikes/​bike-check-mine-741938.html

Skippy's is here:​29er-bikes/​bike-check-skippys-pbj-651486.html

Music by John Prine and Skream. Bet they never guessed they'd be featured together!

Thanks for checkin' in...