Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A ride, recently: 24 hours of fall.

In the mountains.

Wet earth, greased rocks, mud and duff clinging to tires.  The combination of all of these results in an ice-like experience when attempting to find traction on rock.  None exists and we entertain ourselves slipping and sliding while trying.

You can't exactly blow up boats and put into the river from the end of the ride.  

But close.  Jeff probably knows a way...

From one of the overlooks on the ride you can *almost* see down into the river.

Not that that matters -- because what you can see from on high is so much more expansive.

And then, hours later, what you see from the cockpit of your boat is so intimate, engaging, happening.  

This isn't our backyard.  But it could be...

...if we wanted it to be.

Hmmmm.  Nah?

Thanks for checkin' in.

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  1. Stunning!! Simply Stunning!! Well Done As Always & Thanx So Much For Sharing.