Monday, January 7, 2019

A ride, recently: Out of our box.

We took advantage of strategically timed holidays from work to step outside of our normal routine and into someone else's.


The region to which we traveled is considerably lower in elevation, a little colder in temperature, and much shorter on snow than our backyard.

Which meant that we got to experience a certain sort of variety, with trails packed firm enough to run more than 5psi in our tires.  Unaccountable luxury right there, and we both noticed and were thankful for it.


Every few hours I like to check in with Jeny, to ask if everything is working OK on her bike.  She doesn't want me to have to wrench when on vacation, which means sometimes her shifting will be mis-indexing or her brakes schinging, but she won't say a word.  Which is considerate, but it doesn't make the bike work the way it should.

So I'll just ask, usually with a semi-specific question that opens the topic in such a way that she can feel free to answer more generally.  And although I can't remember how I phrased that question ~mid-way through this ride, I remember her laughing out loud while commenting that her bike was perfect, and that the riding was so easy (translation: the trails so well packed) that you could run any pressure at all and not even need to think about it.  

We don't often encounter such conditions mid-winter, and it was both noteworthy and super enjoyable to exist in someone else's reality for a spell.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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