Thursday, May 2, 2019

Seasonal gyrations.

Spring continues her slow motion steamroll over us, like so many dank clouds silently stomping across a moody sky.

Rains have been shockingly prevalent and oh so welcome.  A creek that sometimes only runs every 3rd or 4th season unceremoniously ejected us off of it a few days ago with too much water.  Going to have to get used to that this year.

Because spring is also my busy time in the shop, and because so many friends stream through the valley en route out of the mountains and into the desert, a kitten working back to back 14 hour days can start to feel a bit caged and -- if she isn't careful -- begin to sense that she's missing out.

Loading up the van with a bike, a boat, and some food and heading to less traveled pastures for a few days is a quick way to cure that.  Or maybe not cure, but at least tamp it down for a spell.

Checked out a little place in the desert west of here to see about maybe relocating...

...then decided the neighborhood might be a little rough.

Swung north from there to inhale some late winter alpine air, but got sidetracked by the moment of spring that I found on the edge of -- and just below -- the alpine.

Met some friends in a spot that none of us get to often enough, and spent the day moving too fast and being immersed (more literally for some than others) into what we came for.

Headed home for a few days to build wheels, answer emails, order in more inventory, do a load of laundry, and snag a few rides on the fringes where the tourists don't yet know to go.

Key word = yet.

Then headed south and west and met a different subset of friends to poke our noses into a different drainage.

A wise man that probably needn't be named once said that "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

That's a simple summation of how things have been around here of late.

Thanks for checkin' in. 


  1. I must have missed something, I thought you had a red van.

    1. ...the UV is wicked in the desert. Bleaches everything... ;-)

    2. Red van turned out to be a lemon. They bought it back, I bought a new one. Could only find white as the diesels had been discontinued.

  2. Good to see you’re living well. My wheels say thanks for building them.

  3. Your Photos Absolutely Amaze Me Every Time. Well Done!! Question: Is that a photo looking down on Mt Garfield??


  4. Our secret for empty trails is:

    1. live near a MTB mecca that gets mega media airtime...
    2. put a $$$ ferry ride between you and said mecca...
    3. make sure most of the trails are hard to navigate and have no shuttle/lift options...

    Seems to do the trick. I try and remember that anytime I want to grumble about the ferry.

  5. Some good shots in there MC. But to see Thor? Well, glad his furry face made the cut.

    I'd send some shots near here but grey and slushy doesn't sell well w/ the VanLife crowd.